Here are some options I offer for guitar lessons/music lessons.

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  • To book an "In-Person" lesson, click the button below to send me a message with a general idea of your schedule as well as the style's of music you're interested in and a short paragraph that describes your experience so far with music (Have you played in a band?, had lessons?, etc and the type of guitar and style/s you play).

    Book a one hour single one on one lesson for USD $60 or 4 lessons for USD $200, or ask me about long and duo/group lessons.

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  • To book, The button below to send payment via PayPal along with a message with a general idea of your schedule, as well as the style's of music you're interested in and a short paragraph that describes your experience so far with music (Have you played in a band?, had lessons?, etc and the type of guitar you play).

  • $60.00 USD
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Free Sheet music for download - La Tristecita as played by Cacho Tirao

What people are saying...

I am very happy to get to know Marcelo via his lessons on Jamplay. His in depth knowledge of music theory and playing skills are amazing. I really like his patient and straight forward way of teaching and his latest CD with interpretations of Argentinian music is one of my favorites. Stephan Meinl Wiesbaden, Germany

I graduated Musicians Institute in 2012 with flying colors. In my opinion, it was partially due to having Marcelo as my teacher for most of the core classes when I first started and later on the more complexe courses. He has a way of explaining both, simple and advanced concepts in a manner that finally made sense to me and covers a wide array of techniques and nuances that really help the player mature and develop his own style. Marcelo's played with a number of world-renowned artists and brings all his experience with him to class. From how to get a professional tone, to teaching about theory and playing techniques. I would strongly endorse Marcelo Berestovoy as a teacher. Manuel Sambour Product Specialist/Clinician at Peavey Electronics

Marcelo is by far the best instructor I've ever had the pleasure of taking lessons from. His wealth of knowledge, and uncanny ability to see exactly what I needed to work on took my playing to a whole new level. Whenever he taught a new concept, he always made sure to show me how to use it and apply it to my style of music. I'd highly recommend Marcelo to anyone, beginner to advanced, who truly wants to learn and understand guitar. Cal Johnson/Online student

One of the most skilled players and teachers anyone could be associated with, Marcelo has been a great friend, and an endless source of guitar information and wonderful soulful playing. He can play anything! Daniel Gilbert

“I first took guitar lessons from Marcelo Berestovoy in 2008 when I attended the Musicians Institute in Hollywood California and found him to be one of the most engaging and talented instructors and musicians I’d ever met. Marcelo’s approach to teaching was inspiring, practical and fun. He was able to take difficult or dull concepts and present them in a way that allowed anyone to immediately utilize them within their own playing. A well-rounded musician, Marcelo was able to give advice on everything from tone and technique all the way to getting gigs and reading music.

His passion for teaching extended far beyond the classroom. Marcelo always went the extra mile to make sure his students were actively participating in the music scene in every possible way. It was not unusual to see Marcello supporting his students outside of school and encouraging the best from everyone he encountered. He also instilled in his students a sense of kindness and respect for other musicians and players.

As a former student, I would highly recommend Marcelo Berestovoy to guitar players and musicians of any level. His lessons will undoubtedly take your playing and musicianship to a higher level.”
Alex Hughes

I had the pleasure of Marcelo being my guitar teacher for over a little over 6months. In that time I was a completely different guitar player in terms of technique and knowledge. My favorite teaching method he used was making me learn a song and then come back and Have him show me what what kind of guitar solo would fit, what're the modes being used, why they work with those type of chords and learning inversions of each chord. Truly lucky to have him as a teacher. Jordan Parker

When I first met Marcelo and had him as a teacher for rumba guitar, I was instantly extremely interested in continuing to learn to play in the style. I really enjoyed him as a person and a teacher and so when he invited me out to play with him at the restaurant he had a gig at, I jumped on the opportunity. I showed up, and he was surprised, and as promised we played a song together. That was my first time playing live in LA, and also my first real Argentinian steak dinner so the night had an impact on me, and I still use a lot of the techniques I learned from him years ago and continue to learn in the rumba and flamenco style. Syd Everatt