Hi Marcelo, I learned the phrygian scale as A Bb C# D E F G. Now I saw a phrygian scale in a book consisting of A Bb C D E F G. Which is the “right” one? Do other scales also exist in different variations?

September 29, 2016

A Phrygian (A Bb C D E F G) is the 3rd mode of F Major ( F G A Bb C D E)

A Phrygian Dominant (or Phrygian Major) is a mode derivative of the Harmonic minor scale. This scale contains the notes A Bb C# D E F G and it is the 5th mode of D harmonic minor scale (D E F G A Bb C#).

This creates a lot of confusion when people first study this mode. In Flamenco (and other styles that absorbed its influence) it is very common that in the same musical piece, or even within the same musical phrase, both, Phrygian (relative to Major) and Phrygian Dominant (relative to Harmonic minor) are combined.

To get a clear understanding of this and be able to visualize it on the guitar neck, I recommend learning scales in this order: 1) Major . 2) Natural minor (Aeolian).

3) Harmonic minor 4) Phrygian 5) Phrygian Dominant